NEW: Diablo 3 Twitch Layout

A Diablo 3 themed design for your Twitch channel. Includes a stream overlay, offline and intermission screen.

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Mortal Kombat X:
Klassic Ermac Mod

Since MKX was released the modding community made huge steps forward to mod this game. The result of swapping character models made Klassic Ermac possible before official release.

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Battlefield Hardline:
Basic Server Config

All needed Map names, Game modes and Variables to set up your server properly. Download link for official Battlefield Hardline server configuration is included.

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ProconRulz Presets

ProconRulz is a plugin for "Procon Frostbite" to manage your Battlefield server via RCON. This post contains a few snippets for Copy & Paste use. Basic knowledge about how to use Procon and ProconRulz is required.

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H1Z1DB AutoUpdater

This AutoIt script automates the process of submitting the location data from your H1Z1 Game Client to the H1Z1DB.net Upload Manager. This script doesn't work with any game or RAM data. It simply automates pressing keys like a macro.

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Diablo 3 Profiles

This Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey script adds a widget box to the Diablo 3 Battle.net profiles and loads additional data from DiabloProgress.com if available. This script doesn't affect any game or RAM data!

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Injustice DLC Packer

This website features skins of Injustice: Gods Among Us of a lot talented skin modders. The DLC Packer lets you decide which skin you want to add to your game. The script is packing a ZIP file you can easily extract to your game folder.

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Injustice: Deadpool Mod

This skin was made as my first skin/mod for Injustice: Gods Among Us inspired by the outfit of the original Deadpool Game. Base on this mod was the Deathstroke Teen Titans skin as it fitted best for that costume.

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Stephan Riedl, Münchener Straße 110, 85435 Erding, Germany, E: rizzn[AT]outlook.de