Diablo 3 Profiles

Extends your Diablo 3 Bnet profile.

Diablo 3 Profiles

This Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey script adds a widget box to the Diablo 3 Battle.net profiles and loads additional data from DiabloProgress.com if available. This script doesn't affect any game or RAM data!

The script also sends a POST request for updating the profile on DiabloProgress automatically.




You can browse easily through Diablo 3 profiles watching elemental damage, elite damage and more.

Important note:

The script is NOT accessing any game data or reading the game's memory. The script only fetches data from DiabloProgress or from the Diablo 3 Homepage itself. The remote scripts are running on a german server. The script is open source and can also be run on your own server/webspace if it supports https.

Visit d3profiles.com

Changelog: v1.9

  • Added image for "Weapon EDamage" in circleView
  • Added second divisor for hero name
  • Changed root URL to d3profiles.safe-ws.de

Changelog: v1.8.1 (Hotfix)

  • Reverted d3profiles.com back to rizzn.pf-control.de because of SSL domain issues in Chrome
  • Removed external script xdoimainajax.js

Changelog: v1.8

  • Fixed a critical bug in Webkit browsers where the D3Progress box disappeared
  • Fixed a bug when clicking on bonusStats
  • Added d3profiles.com domain
  • Moved versionCheck() function to beginning of the script

Changelog: v1.7

  • Updated translations for "Elemental Damage" attribute
  • Changed the update icon
  • Changed the reload icon
  • Added divisor graphics for hero names (only works with customDesign)
  • Polish language supported (Google translator)

Changelog: v1.6

  • Adding function to automaticaly detect Battle.net language by URI
  • Updated russian language
  • Added CircleView (only works with customDesign)

Changelog: v1.5

  • Adding function to automaticaly detect Battle.net language by URI
  • Russian language supported (Google translator)
  • Italian language supported (Google translator)

Changelog: v1.4

  • Adding function to make hero data switchable by tabs in Chrome browser
  • Gear bonus is now supported on profile pages

Changelog: v1.3

  • Modern design is now updated by several graphics and styles
  • Fixed a bug where Chrome was not displaying background images correctly

Changelog: v1.2

  • Modern design added
  • Opacity option added to change transparency
  • Several Updates

Changelog: v1.1

  • Language support de/es/fr
  • Several updates

Changelog: v1.0

  • Major release
Stephan Riedl, Münchener Straße 110, 85435 Erding, Germany, E: rizzn[AT]outlook.de