H1Z1DB AutoUpdater

Automates the process of submitting data to the H1Z1 Upload Manager.

H1Z1 AutoUpdater [ALPHA]

This AutoIt script automates the process of submitting the location data from your H1Z1 Game Client to the H1Z1DB.net Upload Manager. This script doesn't work with any game or RAM data. It simply automates pressing keys like a macro. You are free to watch and modify the script before using.



  • Set H1Z1 to mode "WindowedFullscreen".
    1. Open your Steam client and go to the library.
    2. Right click the H1Z1 icon and click Settings.
    3. On the top tab menu click Local Files and go to Search local files....
    4. Open the UserOptions.ini file
    5. Set: Mode=WindowedFullscreen
    6. Set: FullscreenMode=Windowed
    7. Save and close the file.
  • Make sure H1Z1DB Upload Manager is running!
  • Run H1Z1DB AutoUpdater either as .au3 file or as a compiled .exe (Please compile it yourself!)
  • Everytime you press the Y button on your keyboard the location data gets fetched automatically.

If the mouse movement is not working for your solution, please use this snippet with AutoIt to get the correct coordinates for your screen resolution.

Use this snippet. (Credits to nerdworld91)

Important note:

The script is NOT accessing any game data or reading the game's memory. The script only automates pressing keys as you would do it on your keyboard and moving your mouse to faster update your location on the H1Z1DB map. Anyway usage is on your own risk!

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Changelog: v1.1.0.0

  • Fixed a bug with the tooltip
  • Added several screen resolutions (testing!)
  • Added hotkey function to key "Y"
  • Script is now running with every keyboard

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Changelog: v1.0.0.0a

  • Added copyToClipboard automation
  • Added mouseMove automation
  • Added keyPress automation
  • Major release

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