Injustice: Deadpool Mod

Healthbar in your face!

Injustice: Deadpool Mod

This skin was made as my first skin/mod for Injustice: Gods Among Us inspired by the outfit of the original Deadpool Game. Base on this mod was the Deathstroke Teen Titans skin as it fitted best for that costume.

The mod comes with an alternate Weapon X costume as an recolored and unmasked Deadpool.

Several sound files got edited to fit Deadpool better to this mod. Also the name over the healthbar shows "Deadpool". Unfortunately movesets can't be changed, so this character still has Deathstrokes moves.

The mod only works in multiplayer if BOTH players have the skin installed.

Sound modding:

Deadpool SFX from rizzn on Vimeo.

Download @ Cloud Download @ MKSecrets

Coming next update:
Patch v1.2

  • Fixed a bug in the Deadpool UI (inkl. Weapon X costume)
  • Green Arrow skin "Connor Hawke"
  • New Patch folder structure

Gamplays on YouTube

Stephan Riedl, Münchener Straße 110, 85435 Erding, Germany, E: rizzn[AT]