MKX: Klassic Ermac Mod

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Mortal Kombat X: Klassic Ermac Mod

Since UncleFestor (known by most of the MK Modding Tools) found a way to swap character models in MKX this mod was born. This Klassic Ermac uses SubZero's Klassic Costume as base and got modified with the Skin Modding Toolset {by oubgrdevvbuyn} to match the red colored suite.

Beside that a little more work was going into the green glowing eyes (which you can't see in the video) to make them work. Using the MKKE Color Picker by HowardC made it actually possible to change the eye color, which is not stored on any texture, to fit Ermac's original eye color.

Currently it's not possible to add custom DLC slots to the game to make this costume an own slot. Hopefully it will be in the future, but for now it get's replaced with another costume of Ermac to get it working.

The mod doesn't work in multiplayer.

Download @ Cloud

Klassic Reptile (Human)

With the release of the official Klassic Reptile skin few people are not satisfied they gave him a reptilian skin. Thankfully the community is able to mod a human skinned Reptile with it's Klassic Suite.

The Reptile Mod get's released by wyruzzah soon.

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